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Of Critical Importance: Central Service Series

18 Programs

Packed with hands on tips, practical examples and helpful insights, each program in this 18-part series provides visual demonstrations by real Central Service Professionals as they reveal proper protocols for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing medical instru

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Back to Basics: Infection Prevention Series

4 Programs

Quick, effective infection prevention and control training that meets OSHA and CDC requirements, this 4-part series will teach employees the skills they need to break the chain of infection!

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General Orientation

2 Programs

General orientation presents a unique set of challenges for healthcare educators... the biggest challenge being to cover a massive amount of information in a very limited period of time. These short, concise programs are the PERFECT TOOLS for your general orientat

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Infection Prevention During Construction

2 Programs

This 2-part series was developed to train hospital staff and construction personnel on the proper work practices necessary to prevent the transmission of potentially infectious materials during construction, renovation, repair or maintenance projects.

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Infection Control: 8-minute Solution Series

8 Programs

Use your time wisely! Each program provides solutions for today’s most critical infection prevention and control issues in only 8 minutes! Purchase all eight, or choose any four programs in the series for a special discounted price.

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Violence in Healthcare

2 Programs

There is a distressing assumption in healthcare that violence is a “part of the job; an occupational hazard.” Based upon NIOSH and OSHA recommendations, this powerful 2-part series will provide your staff with the training they need to be prepared should a sit

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Partners in Care: Patient Education Series

9 Programs

Patients who take an active role in their treatment plan become part of the team helping not only to speed recovery but also to reduce medical errors. Presented in easy-to-understand language, this award winning series also helps meet the Joint Commission’s Pati

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2 Programs

This 2-part series highlights the very latest information available regarding evidence-based alternatives to the use of restraints. However, if restraints are used, clinicians need to know how to conduct the 1 Hour Face-to-Face Evaluation, the roles and responsib

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Customer Service

2 Programs

When it comes to healthcare, patients expect quality, meaning the care they receive will be excellent, and procedures will be successful. But now more than ever, customers are also expecting, even demanding, a good service experience in line with other industries

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