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Customer Service: Managing Angry Customers & Performing Effective Service Recovery

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a customer may become upset or even angry. When this occurs, he or she will expect a lot of effort to make things better. This program explores how to respond appropriately to an upset or angry customer in order to meet, and then exceed their expectations.

Program Highlights

  • Common reasons why healthcare customers may become angry or upset

  • Strategies to determine the root cause of a customer's anger or frustration

  • How to apply skills that will repair a bad situation

  • Highlight the benefits of a good service recovery

  • Step-by-step example of a positive recovery experience

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Learning Objective

Provide essential training to all staff on how to manage upset or angry customers and perform effective service recovery

Program Includes
  • Bonus Resource CD
  • 10 Question Post Test with Answer Key
  • Learning Tools Included

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