Documentation: Sharpening Your Skills

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Documentation: Sharpening Your Skills

Proper documentation is critical on many levels, yet can be challenging in today’s healthcare environment. This award winning program will help clinical staff learn the proper documentation skills to provide quality patient care, and satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.

Program Highlights

  • Overcoming obstacles and barriers to good documentation

  • Benefits of quality documentation

  • Professional and legal responsibilities

  • Characteristics of good documentation

  • Documentation requirements (as issued by regulatory and accreditation agencies)

  • Documentation techniques

  • Tips for improving documentation skills

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Learning Objective

To educate healthcare professionals on the importance of good documentation practices, the consequences of poor documentation, and provide practical solutions to overcome obstacles and barriers

Program Includes

Clinical Advisors

  • Diane Moyer, BSN, MS, RN

  • Fay Yocum, MSN, RN

Program Awards

Columbus International Film and Video Festival, Honorable Mention