Building on the Plan: Infection Prevention for Construction Personnel

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Building on the Plan: Infection Prevention for Construction Personnel

When a healthcare environment is disturbed during construction, pathogens can be released into the facility - with potentially devastating impact. Education of construction personnel is key to a successful construction or renovation project! Produced in both English and Spanish, the content in this program is based on the AIA/FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Healthcare Facilities, CDC's Prevention Guidelines for Environmental Control and The Joint Commission's Environment of Care Standards.

Program Highlights

  • Infectious organisms that may be found in the hospital setting, how they are transmitted and how to reduce the risk to patients

  • HIPAA considerations

  • Required regulatory safety and infection prevention measures

  • Infection prevention practices and products to contain dust and debris

  • Facility health protection requirements which may include health screenings or recommended immunizations
    -Maintaining communication, including reporting problems

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Learning Objective

To help construction personnel achieve a better understanding of the infection prevention and safety issues surrounding a construction project

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Program Includes
  • Available in Spanish

Clinical Advisors

  • Judene M. Bartley, MS, MPH, CIC

  • Douglas S. Erickson, FASHE

  • Russell N. Olmstead, MPH, CIC

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