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Fire Safety in the Operating Room: Strategies for Keeping It Safe

Preventing a fire incident in the surgical suite is a patient safety imperative, as the consequences can be devastating to patients and staff alike. This program helps staff who work in the surgical environment become familiar with fire prevention strategies and what to do if a fire does occur.

Program Highlights

  • An overview of fire safety in the OR

  • The components of the fire hazard triangle

  • Measures to prevent operating room fires

  • Actions to take in case of fire

  • Steps to take after a fire occurs

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Learning Objective

To increase awareness of the risks for fire in the operating room and provide knowledge needed to develop and enhance fire safety initiatives

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Program Includes
  • Bonus Resource CD
  • Approved for Continuing Education
  • 10 Question Post Test with Answer Key
  • Study Guide
  • Learning Tools Included

Clinical Advisors

  • Onita Cox, RN

  • Wanda Faircloth, RN, BSN, MICN, CEN

  • Susan Kerr, CRNA

  • Jay Sommers, PhD

  • Kathleen B. Stoessel, RN, BSN, MS

  • Wava Truscott, PhD