Of Critical Importance: Interpreting Guidelines, Standards and IFUs

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Of Critical Importance: Interpreting Guidelines, Standards and IFUs

CS professionals operate within the requirements of many professional organizations, accreditation and government agencies, and manufacturer Instructions for Use. It’s a lot to juggle! Presented via scenarios throughout the CSSD, this program highlights how CS staff utilize industry regulations, standards and guidelines in a number of typical work situations.

Program Highlights

Topics covered include:

  • Descriptions of terms that MUST be followed, and those with more flexibility

  • Multiple scenarios of typical CS work situations, and associated guidelines, standards and IFUs applicable for each

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Learning Objective

Help staff interpret and thereby comply with the constantly changing Guidelines, Standards and IFUs that define our industry

Quote Author

It becomes the responsibility of everyone that works in Sterile Processing to understand not only how, but **why** we do the things we do. -- Natalie Lind

Program Includes
  • Bonus Resource CD
  • Approved for Continuing Education
  • 10 Question Post Test with Answer Key
  • Glossary of Terms

Clinical Advisors

Natalie Lind, CRCST, CHL, FCS
IAHCSMM Educational Director

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