Aseptic Technique: An Essential Strategy

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Aseptic Technique: An Essential Strategy

Transmission of microorganisms can occur during examinations, invasive procedures and all practices involving blood or body fluid, and is applicable in all clinical settings. Aseptic Technique is an essential strategy, second only to proper hand hygiene, in preventing the transmission of infection.

Program Highlights

  • Define Aseptic Technique

  • Explain the rationale for Aseptic Technique

  • Distinguish the difference between Clean and Sterile

  • Describe the skills needed to practice Aseptic Technique

  • Explain the basic principles of Medical Asepsis and Surgical Asepsis

  • Describe the applications of Aseptic Technique in the acute care setting

  • Identify when to use Antiseptics vs. Disinfectants

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Learning Objective

To demonstrate ways to prevent the introduction of contamination into susceptible sites; and to prevent patient-to-patient, healthcare worker-to-patient, and patient-to-healthcare worker transmission of pathogenic microorganisms

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Program Includes
  • Bonus Resource CD
  • 10 Question Post Test with Answer Key
  • Study Guide

Clinical Advisors

  • Jean Druckenmiller, SM, (NRM), CIC

  • Marlene M. Schmid, PhD, RN, CIC

  • April Tracy, RN, BSN, ICP

Program Awards

HESCA Award, 2002 Bronze

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