Restraints, Seclusion, and the 1 Hour Face-To-Face Evaluation

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Restraints, Seclusion, and the 1 Hour Face-To-Face Evaluation

Restraints and seclusion should only be used in emergent situations. If utilized, they should be applied safely and with regard to the rights and dignity of the individual. This program informs healthcare professionals on how to choose the correct restraints, perform a 1 Hour Face-to-Face Evaluation, and monitor the patient, as required by CMS and The Joint Commission.

Program Highlights

  • How to recognize and respond to signs of distress

  • Definition of restraints and seclusion

  • Personnel required to conduct the 1 Hour Face-to Face Evaluation

  • Conducting the 1 Hour Face-to-Face Evaluation

  • Monitoring the restrained or secluded patient

  • Staff and patient debriefing

  • Documentation and reporting requirements for CMS Regulations and The Joint Commission Standards

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Learning Objective

Clearly demonstrates how to conduct the 1 Hour Face-to-Face Evaluation, the roles and responsibilities of the care team, and the necessary documentation and reporting requirements to satisfy CMS and The Joint Commission and ensure safe patient care.

Program Includes
  • Bonus Resource CD
  • 10 Question Post Test with Answer Key
  • Study Guide
  • Learning Tools Included

From The Series

Clinical Advisors

  • Sue Dill Calloway, RN Esq., AD, BA, BSN, MSN, JD

  • R. John R. Repique, MS, APRN, BC