TB Prevention and Control: New Challenges

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TB Prevention and Control: New Challenges

TB continues to present in healthcare settings, and patients must be identified quickly and treated appropriately. It is critical that clinicians become aware of the risk factors and modes of transmission of TB, and how to properly implement infection prevention practices and testing protocols.

Program Highlights

  • Warning signs, symptoms and risk factors

  • Transmission-based precautions, including CDC's Isolation guidelines

  • Proper selection and use of PPE, including fit testing

  • Early identification, including the use of QuantifFERON-TB Gold test to detect TB

  • The frequency and timing of testing

  • Treatment options

  • Computer tracking of patients previously infected with TB

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Learning Objective

To educate healthcare providers on the importance of maintaining awareness of the risks factors associated with TB, and the preventative measures that can be used to reduce transmission.

Quote Author

Rachel L. Stricof, MPH

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Program Includes
  • Bonus Resource CD
  • 10 Question Post Test with Answer Key
  • Study Guide
  • Learning Tools Included

Clinical Advisors

Rachel L. Stricof, MPH

Program Awards

  • HESCA, Bronze Award

  • HESCA, Creative Design Award for Excellence in Creative Design

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