Sexual Harassment in Healthcare: Relearning the Rules

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Sexual Harassment in Healthcare: Relearning the Rules

Sexual harassment is not a laughing matter, it is a crime. Everyone in the healthcare setting must understand what constitutes inappropriate behavior and the consequences of these actions. This award winning program uses dramatized scenarios to illustrate in clear, straight-forward examples what constitutes sexual harassment, and the steps to take should it occur.

Program Highlights

  • What behavior is considered sexual harassment?

  • What behavior is not considered sexual harassment?

  • When does innocent fun end and harassment begin?

  • What do the sexual harassment guidelines mean to you?

  • What is the legal definition of sexual harassment?

  • What are the two types of sexual harassment?

  • What procedures should you follow if you are sexually harassed?

  • Are you sexually harassing someone and are not even aware of it?

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Learning Objective

To define for staff ‘what is sexual harassment’ and the steps to take when confronted with these situations.

Program Includes
Program Awards

Worldfest International Film Festival, Silver Award